If you just hold Bitcoin and never trade you are just waiting on price to increase.But let say you want to test something like altcoins swaps.

Than you could had traded when btc was around $7k bought some altcoins from fixedfloat wait a few days if you traded you could had gain around or at least 100k sats if you had 0.01 btc.

No risk no gain. But the other way around could also had happened. But it sure feels good when you end up with more satoshis than what you started.

Today you can make 10k satoshis from faucets, CPU gpu mining, and trading small amount, but in the future those 10k sats could become $100, $1000, or even $10k.

So let's play Bitcoin while we still can because one day 100 sats could be one day worth of salary for a 12 hours day.

Happy Lightning 2020.