I wonder if leaving a lightning network channel empty will trigger the other party to actually close the channel.

I am leaving empty because if I have to receive btc in the future I am  doing it on lightning network, I know that at this point a node operator can run the risk that I may try to post a attack on the node and since I don't have any funds on my side the attack will only cost me the reserve amount.

I think that since Eclair mobile uses if I am not wrong watch towers such idea won't work.

Back to the question, do you think it is a good idea? This way I can actually receive lightning payments, my funds were used up in some other things.

It is nice to have tried lightning network in using this channel I only end up using like 10 satoshis when I was filling but all of the payments that I sent the fees were zero. I paid 10 satoshis when I was sending from cobo to zapread and my channel, but from ACINQ node with my channel to ZapRead, cobo and wallet of satoshi, fixedfloat the fees were zero.