I asked some of my family and people that I know what do they think about Bitcoin.

Even when I sent about $5 in a voucher to a family member for free, he has not transfer that into his own wallet not even knows how to exchange it, he knows the exchanges page but he just doesn't find the time or the will to do it.

Another family member which is around 20 years all says Bitcoin is a fad and that right now is time to sell if you bought right around or before 2013, that he would rather make Elon Musk or Bezos  richer by buying their company stocks than making a Bitcoin early adopter.

He says that since he didn't know Bitcoin existed in 2009, he is not buying now so that an early adopter can dump on him. Besides he says that real world companies at least creates jobs and products and services.

In other words not everyone is trying to buy, an a lot more didn't even know what Bitcoin was or is, and those who know are not willing to buy at current prices.