I understand exactly what Bitcoin is and what is what is supposed to accomplish, but

I think that in the future Monero could be worth 1 Bitcoin or more, Bitcoin will continue to exist and probably hit $1m but Monero will be worth more just because of privacy.

At this point no one knows the future but I do believe that if Bitcoin can't add privacy a privacy project may take over in the background.

Don't get me wrong Bitcoin will continue it is just that it will be second to a privacy coin at this point that can be Monero but of a better privacy coin is develop than that coin will takeover.

Governments will ban privacy coins at some point at that time privacy will fall just to go up again, you may think that a government crack down will kill any privacy coin but you are wrong, the more a government tells me what I can buy and what I can't tells me to buy that right away.

If at this point Bitcoin doesn't have any privacy on chain than a privacy coin will raise from the government burn and take over Bitcoin.

If I go to work and I get my money on my own effort than nobody has the right to tell me what to do with it as long as I am not in a violation of somebody else's property and Rights.

The banning of privacy coins will be your wake up call and if Bitcoin doesn't have privacy at that time that will mean what you have to buy is what governments are telling you not to. Remember gold? Government took your gold for $30 now is worth much more, banning is almost confiscation. Because it fools people with small brains to sell their property just because the government says so meanwhile risk buy it all.