Minnesota recently changed its election laws to allow party leaders to decide whose name appears on primary ballots. This replaced a previous law that required parties (Republican or Democrat) to hold "straw" polls to decide the who would stand for the party in the upcoming election. The Minnesota Republican Party has used its newly acquired authority to put only one name up for the Republican Presidential Nominee in Minnesota. Guess what name they put up? The guy who is so certain he will win in 2020 that no-one need oppose him. The peach colored offense to nature currently in the White House is the only name that will appear before Minnesota Republicans when they are asked who they wish to represent their party on the ballot. This kind of tactic is normally seen in one party states and other authoritarian regimes where dear leader then claims close to 100% of the vote. The GOP is losing its mind after shedding its principles in pursuit of who knows what anymore. They desperately need to be tossed out of power federally and now in Minnesota and likely other states as well. November is still 11 months away. It can't come soon enough.