0.003 btc or 300,000.00 satoshis is what everyone should have.

We all know Bitcoin has some issues of it own as well as external (bitfinex tether, bitmain and some others), governments are or may be trying to suppress it as well.

But one thing that can help you in the future and also help Bitcoin grow is for people to realize that you don't need to hold one whole Bitcoin or several bitcoins you just need 0.003, if Bitcoin one day makes it in a big way price won't stop at $1m not even $100m because once price start to go up after $1m it will just not stop it will keep on pumping, because at $1m and up fiat will be done for.

Right now people just want Bitcoin to get more cash, but once a certain price is reach people will want to accumulate only Bitcoin like if it was dollars today, I believe that run away effect will be reach once we get to $100k and beyond.

Whales and everyone else are manipulating the price, but if you put aside only  $25 you will buy your fair share and help adoption and also help that whales and special interest don't manipulate the price even more.

I think that if you are gonna put your share you should put it into Lightning Network from the start. I think that a good channel will be a well funded node since ACINQ is developing LN their node will be a good candidate it looks like they are going to be running their node for a long time.

Good nodes to put your Bitcoin in LN:

Wallet of Satoshi. Node and custodian wallet

Cobo_lnd. Node and custodian wallet

Zap technologies, wallet developers

ACINQ, developers

ZapRead social, custodian wallet, forum

In my case I chose ACINQ node because I think that since they are developers who are working on Eclair mobile and computer they may stick around for some time.

Remember I am looking to have my share of Bitcoin on LN from now on, and since is such a small amount of money I don't need to be trading it, 0.003 it is a easy amount to hold without worrying about price.

And I also need LN to collect my coinpot rewards in LN as well.