The Sea Dragon was a conceptualized design study for a two-stage sea-launched orbital super heavy-lift launch vehicle from 1962. At the massive dimensions of 150 m long and 23 m in diameter, Sea Dragon would have been the largest rocket ever built. Robert Truax came up with this design aimed at being the successor to the Saturn V rocket, and should be able to bring a majestic 550 tons to Low Earth Orbit. The idea for the water launch was that only limited ground infrastructure would be needed to launch Sea Dragon. Another advantage would be the accessibility to the payload bay, just above the sea surface. Yet another advantage could be that some buoyancy from the water could give a little push during lift-off. The Sea Dragon appears in the season finale of the 2019 Apple TV+ series For All Mankind. In a post-credits scene (check link to this tweet), set in 1983 in an alternate timeline in which the Soviet Union landed on the Moon before the United States, a Sea Dragon is depicted launching from the Pacific Ocean carrying nuclear material to power a lunar colony. [Wikipedia]