As some people know, Phoenix Wallet was released, which is a non-custodial wallet (for sure?), which is very simple, nice and supports Lightning.

I won't be reviewing this wallet now, maybe later.
It is certainly very nice and easy to use. Unfortunately, it allows you to operate without saving Seed, this is an error (supposedly it simplifies the matter, but ...).

Supposedly, it is not sacred. Apparently, because I sent myself the funds (100 satoshi) from Bitcoin Lightning Wallet and created a channel for me. But can channels be created by funds on Lighting? Very, very strange. If so, and indeed it is a non-custodial wallet, then - OMG, how wonderful.

Supposedly it supports AMP, i.e. the possibility of splitting transactions into smaller ones. If we have a channel for 5 Bitcoins it's someone, and this someone has 5 channels for 1 BTC, without AMP we wouldn't be able to send it. With AMP these 5 Bitcoins are split into many transactions, so the person at the end gets these 5 Bitcoins, but from many sources (from many channels).

However, we pay higher fees.