Dec 12th will henceforth be known as a sad day in the history of Britain. A day when the voters, having been agitated and stirred to the point of exasperation, finally said "Get Brexit Done" in accordance with the slogan of the Conservative Party led by the comical Boris Johnson. I support democracy and respect the outcome of free and fair elections so I'll not quibble with Britain's choice to self immolate, for even though we now see the end of the beginning for Brexit there is much that is left to be worked out. The Scottish National Party is resurgent and will not go quietly into isolation with the rest of Britain. Expect to see calls for a new referendum on Scottish Independence. Northern Ireland is now center stage in the next round of trade negotiations with the EU. The Good Friday Accords established an open border between Northern Ireland and Ireland. That open border and the Accords themselves are now in jeopardy as a hard border slams down between Britain, which includes Northern Ireland, and the EU, which includes Ireland.

Britain has torn itself away from the much larger EU market and will now have to negotiate with the rest of the world in order to get itself on equal trade footings with foreign markets. First up will be the EU, with its perhaps vengeful need to demonstrate that leaving the EU is painful but equally important will be the USA where Donald Trump and his army of flying monkeys will show no mercy to the newly isolated Isles. They both know desperation when they see it. Don't count on either of them to be kind.

To my British friends and relatives - I wish you all well on this foolish and unnecessary journey you have embarked upon. For your sake I hope I am wrong.