Some people may remember at school or college when they had to create a PowerPoint or Impress presentation. We've been running powerful office packages, choosing background colors, animations, fonts, slides. We wasted a lot of time on this.

Developers of Suckless Tools decided to create their own project to make presentations. Suckless Tools is a Linux toolkit that is created according to Unix philosophies - the tools have to be very simple and fast.

The presentations are in line with the Takahashi philosophy

Open the editor ... text of course. Sent does not have a graphical editor.

What you need to know is:
- The empty line (blank) is the end of the slide
- Photos cannot be mixed with text.
- The program supports the file format of farbfeld and png (but this one can be abandoned). Farbfeld is an image format created by Suckless ;)
- We add photos by giving a "@" sign before the file name (e.g. @photo.png). If you want to add "@" to the text at the beginning of a sentence, you need to do a backslash (@something)
- If you want to make a space between the text in a slide, add a space after enter.

More questions?

Unfortunately, I haven't made a presentation for a long time, but from now on I prefer a sent ;)

Slide example: