What is Horizen?

 Before I get into Horizen, I’d like to start of with a quote on privacy through Edward Snowden. If you don’t cost privacy you then genuinely don’t fee freedom. 

“Privacy isn’t about a few component to hide. Privacy is ready some thing to protect. That’s who you're. That’s what you trust in, that’s who you need to turn out to be. Privacy is the right to the self. Privacy is what offers you the ability to percentage with the arena who you're, in your very own phrases, for them to apprehend what you’re looking for to be. And to shield for your self the parts of you that you’re now not certain about, that you’re nonetheless experimenting with. If we don’t have privateness, what we’re dropping is the ability to make errors. We’re losing the potential to be ourselves. Privacy is the fountainhead of all different rights. Freedom of speech doesn’t have a number of this means that if you can’t have a quiet vicinity.”

 So, now at once to HorizenZEN is the primary ever TLS stop-to-stop encrypted (SSL) nameless cash network, messaging provider, content material cloth platform, and decentralized self maintaining business agency (DAO). The Horizen team echoes a similar sentiment of attempting elevated privacy and liberty for clients in their whitepaper: “We stay in a hyper-regulated and surveilled worldwide in which billions of individuals are disadvantaged of easy human rights, at the side of belongings possession, privateness, unfastened association, and access to facts.” 

ZEN formed from a hardfork of ZClassic/ZCash like many other privacy coins. But, not like other forks, Horizen has a few unique functions and a set of developers that set it apart from the rest. Unlike the previously stated cash, ZEN makes use of a masternode device similar to Dash. ZEN moreover has supernodes which is probably higher-stake variations of masternodes as well. 

The ZEN masternode/supernode device has a lower barrier to access than lots of other coins therefore developing the decentralization. 

Horizen is constructing a technology platform with optionally available privacy functions that ambitions to enable an software-rich and inclusive environment to provide human beings with freedom and ordinary usability. Launched in May 2017, the main-aspect platform permits real-life uses past its cryptocurrency – ZEN, such as the capacity to set up sidechains and integrate 1/3 birthday party technology. 

Secure and Private 

Horizen is a personal, constant, untraceable, resilient, and minable. Zen is a privacy platform constructed on zero-knowledge Succinct Non-interactive ARguments of Knowledge (zk-SNARKs) technology with a decentralized relaxed node structure. 

Horizen makes use of secure nodes to masks transactions, making them indistinguishable from ordinary HTTPS net site visitors. Domain fronting moreover can be used to skip any policies that a country might possibly installation to restriction visitors from different international locations or regions. It can reroute the transactions to get to the intended holiday spot. Domain fronting is a versatile censorship circumvention approach that hides the faraway endpoint of a communique. It works on the utility layer, using HTTPS, to talk with a forbidden host at the same time as performing to speak with a few exceptional host, approved with the aid of the censor. The key concept is the use of various domain names at awesome layers of communique. One vicinity appears on the “out of doors” of an HTTPS request–within the 9 DNS request and TLS Server Name Indication, even as another area appears on the “internal”–in the HTTP Host header, invisible to the censor below HTTPS encryption. A censor, not able to distinguish fronted and non-fronted website site visitors to a website, need to choose out among allowing circumvention site visitors and blockading the place completely, which ends up in steeply-priced collateral harm. Domain fronting does now not require unique cooperation by using network intermediaries. We select out some of hard-to-block net services, such as content delivery networks, that help area-fronted connections and are useful for censorship circumvention. 

Horizen  A True Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) 

Horizen has the very first DAO (distributed unbiased corporation). Other cash like DASH employ a treasury with trusted 3rd events. Horizen is the primary to put into effect investment thru the use of a DAO that runs on the Horizen protocol. 

. There are different talks to allow clever contracts and other sorts of DAPPs that the Ethereum-form of coins have enabled. The entire improvement crew is absolutely decentralized and all of us can take part or maybe receives a commission for his or her paintings due to how the DAO works. 

Horizen Sidechains Scalability with Sidechains 

Horizen sidechains are a current scaling answer that enables the relationship of bespoke blockchains to the Horizen mainchain. Horizen sidechains may be created with the programming language and consensus mechanism that wonderful fits your software even as keeping the potential to communicate facts and value back to the Horizen mainchain’s community of 30,000+ nodes. Each sidechain is a complete blockchain software program that calls for the implementation of Consensus, network layer, pockets, facts, and many one-of-a-kind portions. Most sidechains, past their precise not unusual sense and records, may be primarily based at the equal implementation. Horizen is imparting a Sidechain SDK that addresses most of those elements and consists of all important components required for building a blockchain in a single toolbox. This permits developers to interest best at the specific abilities in their blockchain instead of low-diploma obligations, making the deployment of a complete blockchain masses simpler and quicker. This tool is based totally on the cross-chain switch (CCT) protocol, which Horizen is providing. All sidechains lease the same unified go-chain transfer protocol, this is recounted through the mainchain. Even even though the people of the CCT protocol might be unique for one of a kind sidechains, the manner is probably particular with the aid of the mainchain consensus protocol. Such unification will permit the machine to installation many sidechains with out the want to modify the mainchain consensus protocol for each of them one after the other. 

Zen Chat ZenChat 

A steady, personal, messenger. ZenChat is a constant messaging software and can be used as a standalone product or embedded interior our Wallets. Users are able to talk 1-on-1, through company messaging, or installation devoted private channels. Channel communication expenses a minimal amount of ZEN to prevent litter and unsolicited mail. ZenChat messages are saved permanently inside the blockchain to save you metadata leakage and are encrypted with algorithms consisting of AES-256 with Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS), matching contemporary standards of encryption for at ease verbal exchange. Secure Nodes communique relay is non-traceable. 


Algorithm: Equihash 

Max Supply: 21,000,000 million (identical as Bitcoin) 

Circulating Supply: About 3,274,188 Coins in step with month: 216000 ZEN’s Blocktime: 2.5 minute Reward halving period: every ~4 years, as in step with Bitcoin