Instead of wasting my little satoshi in altcoins I better start collecting satoshis from faucets, who knows maybe what you get for free today about 2k satoshi every week could become a whole month of salary in the future.

I was exchanging my sats for bitcoinZ but I decided to better save it in btc instead, I withdraw from coinpot using Litecoin and I send it to Cobo once in cobo I exchange back to btc and since cobo supports Lightning I can withdraw to my channel.

I wonder for how long altcoins will be worth something because pretty much LTC FOR cheap tx on small tx and Lightning to receive btc. Btc/ltc with Lightning is the perfect combo.

Once you realize that you may doop all of your altcoins because ltc will be use to get in chain exchange back to btc send it in btc ln. I can see the future already.

Why would you hold any other altcoin, ltc is use because I want to exchange coinpot faucets funds once that faucet gets in line with LN than I won't need ltc to receive my rewards.

But at the time I bet you will only get 1 sat instead of 100 every day

Using LN in faucets has make me realize how useful LN is, and that pretty much cheap tx altcoins will fade away once people realize what I just found out