The US army announced that for the first time will use the help of pocket drone to conduct reconnaissance and streaming of the obtained image - we have already learned about these hand-sized devices (15 cm in length) in February, but only this month the 82nd Airborne Division will have the opportunity to use with the possibilities of Black Hornets. If the deployment goes as planned, the soldiers will almost immediately gain the advantage and will cut through the trails for the introduction of these drones into the standard combat equipment.

The project called Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance Systems cost the American army 39 million dollars, but it is fast to pay, because the capabilities of these small devices are truly spectacular - they are able to send their operators photos and stream video in near real time, even in difficult terrain locate enemies and often save lives.

The drones are also equipped with thermal imaging cameras, they are completely silent, have a range of 2 km and can fly for half an hour, and for this they weigh only 33 grams, so they do not constitute a burden for the soldiers. According to Ryan Subers, one of the sergeants trained to use the Black Hornet: - This technology can save lives, because it takes us from dangerous places and gives us the opportunity to evacuate in crisis situations, regardless of the type of mission. I am very grateful for such technologies and I am glad that we will be the first to use it.

What's more, soldiers who have the opportunity to test equipment are impressed by its abilities: - With this system, you can identify enemies 100%, you can search for explosive materials and devices on your way and many more. If you are being fired from an area you can not see, you can send a drone to know the situation and not to enter the fire line. In short, it seems that we are opening another chapter in the history of military operations, although as we know it would be better not to have them at all.

Source: dailymai
Photo: flir