I just noticed that the ZapRead lightning node has done more routing recently.

The total capacity of channels in the node is 2.2 BTC / $15,880.81 (prices at current rate).

The node has routed 3.19 BTC / $23,027.17 in the last 24 hours in 907 transactions.  That's more than the total capacity!  The amount that ZapRead earned was $0.019 - just 2 cents. 

I just want to point out that the routing fees are incredibly low for 907 payments.  If these were on-chain, that would be closer to $20 in fees (assuming simple transactions using segwit), or about 1000x more.  Also, the fee rate on LN doesn't increase with more transactions, whereas on-chain the fee rates increase if the mempool fills up.  

LN is performing well!