Boletus edulis - Brown hat and with age to dark brown, red brown, diameter up to 250 mm. The margin of the hat may be lighter, similarly fruiting bodies covered with mulch can be very bright; first hemispherical, later convex, in old copies, cushion-shaped; surface smooth or wrinkled; the weather is slightly sticky in wet weather.

The tubes are initially whitish, quite long; they easily separate from the hat; at the heart, sinuate.

Pores initially whitish, then yellow to olive green; rather small, round with age angular; oppressed do not become discolored.

Stipe whitish to light brown, lower part lighter, in the upper part or the entire length of the stipe more or less pronounced off-white or light brown mesh, more or less dilated at the base.

The flesh is young white and compact, in older sponge copies; under the skin brown-colored (red-brownish); constant. The smell is pleasant. Taste mild, pleasant (nutty). The aroma of dried, characteristic, intense, pleasant.

Occurrence: VII - XI, in coniferous and mixed forests, common.

Value: A very tasty edible mushroom.