We got up this morning, had a look around our grubby little apartment and decided it was time to move on.  We did a search on Booking.com and found a reasonably priced hotel right in the Plaka, within walking distance of all the major tourist destinations around the Acropolis.

We took the Metro to the City Centre, checked out the hotel, registered, returned to the grubby apartment and went back to the city centre and moved into our new “digs.”  Much better!

Being right in the centre of “everything” was great. We did a bit of wandering before heading for the Acropolis Museum.

It is a beautiful museum!  Great building and astounding collection.

As with all the museums we’ve seen in Greece, the text panels were excellent. 

Perhaps the best moment was when we got to the 3rd floor.  you go through a door and you are suddenly on the outside of the entire Parthenon frieze (some panels replicas, some original) and the walls of the building of floor to ceiling glass.  A really amazing way to display these pieces.

A wonderful afternoon.  We wandered a bit more through the lively streets before heading back to our hotel for a delightful supper of bread and nutella!  HaHaHa.