We spent a few lovely hours in Delphi in the morning, basking in the sun with our morning lattes. At 11, we caught the bus to Athens-a 3-hour trip.  The trip was new territory and quite beautiful.  Very mountainous with little towns on the side of the hills, then opening up to a plain that was much more agriculturally focussed.

We were quite fortunate that the bus’s first stop in Athens was at a Metro station about 10 minutes from our hotel.  (Our hotel will be a Metro ride to the city centre). We had no trouble find the hotel - actually it was supposed to be a small apartment - but no one was there. We finally spoke to someone on the phone but still waited 45 minutes until someone arrived.  When we finally got in, we were quite disappointed in the rooms.  Pictures online at Booking.com showed nicely tiled, modern bathrooms but we got a tap in the wall in the bathroom.  It was getting late so we stayed here tonight.

Technical difficulties on our end prevent us from including many pictures for the next couple of days.