Still in Beta, I've recently been enjoying TokenTuber and I suspect some here would as well. The concept is simple so this will be a short review. I'll explain what I like about it after summarizing the concept. 

Basically, it's a platform with crypto-centered only content which focuses exclusively on simple, easy-to-understand explainer videos. For instance I just watched Andreas Antonopolous' excellent "Introduction To Bitcoin" (highly recommended video!) and another called "What are Dapps?"-- but there are also more niche and specialty topics, such as another one I've just watched-- an explainer about what VeChain's Automobile Digital Maintenance Book is. I recently watched another explaining "What Is Tezos?." 

Obviously this isn't going to be a YouTube disruptor, (it's in no way meant to be) but it fulfills a need. It sort of reminds me of a video version of Uptrennd (while Uptrennd is still crypto-only focused anyway) but with the caveat that they curate content for the most simple, easy to understand concept explainer videos, which I find very useful. I can open it up, and without having to filter and search through dozens of videos, immediately find easy to understand, short, simple explanations of dozens of interesting topics.


Introduction to Bitcoin by Andreas Antonopolous 

Also there's a bit of earning potential, especially for creators, who can upload their videos and earn TUBER proportionate to the number of upvotes they receive. Viewers, on the other hand, are rewarded by upvoting content early on that ends up going viral or semi viral. If you upvote something that ends up just getting a typical number of upvotes,  you won't earn much. However, if you upvote something early in its existence on the platform that ends up getting a lot of upvotes, you will earn much more Tuber. You can also share videos and will earn a certain percentage of what anyone who goes on to sign up and use the platform earns.

However, as someone who curates quality crypto earning ideas, I don't see or use it primarily as an earning platform. I personally am motivated to use it for the informative and educational content, and the earning is just a nice little bonus. Creators however may find there is significant earning potential there if some of their content ends up going viral, or semi-viral at least. It is listed on CoinMarketCap, but as yet no exchanges or data are included. I expect they are forthcoming as this is a very new platform.

That's pretty much it. Like I said, this is not the next decentralized YouTube. It's a very simple basic platform and concept, but one I have found fills a very useful niche. To join, just click on this excellent Andreas Antonopolous video link