Another travel day.  We had a leisurely coffee and breakfast before jumping on the bus for Pyrgos.  We went to Isthmus of Corinth, then transferred to the express bus to Pyrgos.  it was quite an interesting trip (about 3.5 hours) because the south shore of the Bay of Corinth is quite green and lush looking.  There were lots of the usual olive and orange trees and mountains to begin with but the plain evened out toward Pyrgos and there were literally acres of greenhouses.  Entire fields covered!  We’re not sure what was growing but probably strawberries, and we recognized potatoes in open fields. The countryside is much different from other, more arid areas that we’ve driven through. Funny story: there was a man in the seat ahead of us, travelling alone. Another older man had issues find his seat and ended up sitting beside Man #1.  It did not appear that they knew each other.  Man #2 started talking... and talking and talking. Periodically he gave a little Ha Ha Ha before continuing. He talked straight through the 1 hr 45 min first leg of our trip.  Greeks do see to be able talk up a storm! 

Out hotel in Pyrgos is really quite nice!  It was a bit of a surprise because Pyrgos itself looks like it has seen better days. We are on the 4th floor and have a wonderful balcony - which looks over two 5 or 6 storey buildings that are nothing but concrete frameworks.  

We wandered out and found a lovely square bordered on one side by the Archaeology Museum, which we will try to see tomorrow.  We stopped at El Greco Pizzeria for dinner.  Pizza was in the neon sign. The waiter had a T-shirt that said El Greco Pizza. But there was nary a pizza to be found on the menu.  Oh well!  We had souvlaki instead and it was delicious

These are pictures of Agios Nicholas church, on the same square.  Magnificent chandeliers!.

The fountain on the same square

Interesting day, all in all.  Tomorrow we are off to Olympia.