A relatively short (2 hour) bus trip to Napthio this morning and we are out of the grime and graffiti of Athens.  Nafplio is a really lovely little town and we happened to hit it when they were celebrating their victory over the Ottomans, with a 10 km run up 900 steps to the top of the mountain to Palamidi Castle and of course another 900 stairs down (also 5k and kiddie runs). We will have to explore the castle another day as many of the roads etc were blocked off today for the run.  900 stairs up is quite a run! There was quite a fancy finish line, a table of trophies, official T-shirts and the whole shebang.

It was a bit cooler today but still great for walking around. Seems like most of the older area is for pedestrians only and there were lots of restaurants - many of them packing with what we presumed for the champion runners and/or their buddies.  Quite a party atmosphere in some restaurants!

As usual, people are great here.  And it seems to be the worry bead capitol of the world!  There is a worry bead museum and most of the stores carry some version of them, often in amber or other stones and they are lovely.  We have a really cute little hotel in the older section and will be here for 3 nights.  Tomorrow we are off to Epidavros - 45 min bus ride.