Now that Bitcoin is on sale it is a good time to buy and hold but even better to start opening Lightning Network channels on the cheeap.

I opened 5 channels that only cost me 0.00001002, that's a bargain in fees and in btc price.

I opened my channels with bigger liquidity so that the commit fee never bothers me again.

Poor people won't be able to open channels in the future specially if Bitcoin fees are around 50 to 100k sats and price is $100k meaning price will be around $50 to $100 for transactions at that point. Poor people won't be able to open channels and that's the end of it, the poor can't and won't help themselves no matter the price because today it cost under $0.10 and you can have 0.012 with less than $100 and yet poor people are not using Bitcoin nor opening any channels, they are a lost cause, they will be forced to use custodian services because they didn't prepare on time.

So that the poor can't use LN because opening and closing will be to high of a cost is fine because they will never do not even today that btc is so much cheap.

So the commit fee won't bother me nor the lighting network fees for opening the channels because I opened when it was cheap to do so. Of poor people complain in the future joke on them because they  had the chance.

River ver saying Bitcoin will be only for the rich is he is right because the poor had a chance and they blew it.

Open channels when btc price and fees are cheap, not better day than today