Well!  Imagine our shock when we realized that Turkey grows grapes for raisins, not wine!!  

Today we left Turkey, a sad parting because we have loved it. We walked to the bus station and caught a Dolmus for Selcuk.  Hopped on, waited a while, drove to the next stop and sat for 1/2 an hour.  I’m not sure how the scheduling works but we were a bit surprised.  BUT, in the spirit of expecting the unexpected, we were prepared and had allowed lots of time for our travels today. The Dolmus eventually made it to Selcuk and we walked to the train station. The ticket master was sitting outside on Tea Break.   OK, a little while later we bought our train ticket. Waited 1 1/2 hours. The train was a bit late but no problem. It eventually stopped right at the İzmir airport about 12:30.  Our plane left at 5.  

The Izmir airport is quite strange because it looks very new, is big, light, spacious — and there is no one there.  The areas where stores would normally be set up are all empty. The seats for passengers waiting for their flights are empty.  Very odd.  I think not many flights go through this airport.

We managed to kill a few hours with our last Efes beer before hopping on our plane for Athens, connecting to Heraklion.

 We had to ask how to get into town — but only because it was dark.  Right outside the terminal is the bus station so we hopped bus 1 that took us a couple of blocks from our hotel.  Busses here are efficient, cheap, and easy to figure out.

9 pm. Exceptionally friendly lady at the hotel desk.  We dropped our stuff off in our room and went back down to the lobby for a glass of wine with her.  Nice room, nice balcony with palm tree draped over it.