Lycoperdon utriforme - Massive fruiting body, reaches a diameter of 100 to 200 mm and a similar height. In the shape of a short club-shaped, broadly pear-shaped, sometimes spherical-tuberous, at the top slightly flattened, wrinkled or shallowly minced. Usually without a shaft.
Matte or slightly shiny surface. In the paper consistency, it breaks from the top to irregular large fragments, giving the fruiting body the shape of a cup, bowl or bowl with jagged edges.

Occurrence: In sunny places, in open spaces, meadows, pastures, forest glades, forest edges. Among the grass, in the lowlands and in the mountains. Isolated or gregariously. From June to October. Fairly ordinary.

Value: Edible fungus, when the fruiting body is white, it can be consumed after removing the outer layer.