8 hours later...   Actually, not as bad as it sounds.  The buses are very comfortable, lots of leg room and snack service!  We had a lovely sunny day for our trip so we were able to see a lot of the countryside.  It’s quite an agricultural area, right from Antalya to Kusadasi. The area is quite rough in places with very flat plains in between the mountain ridges. The plains must be quite fertile (and are probably irrigated) because we saw miles and miles of orchards of various kinds.  Some we recognized because the leaves were still on the trees - like figs, oranges and olives.  Others were quite bare so it was hard to tell, although google told us that they grow persimmons, bananas, cherries, apricots. As well as the orchards we saw a lot of cotton, artichokes, cabbages, strawberries.  The greenhouses from the northeast side of Antalya continued in this direction. Many were ploughed up inside but many still had tomatoes growing.  Actually the countryside was quite lush and the volume and variety of crops surprised us.  

Basically, it was a nice, relaxing day on the bus.  

We haven’t explored Kusadasi yet but it is obviously a tourist town. Beach resorts, large hotels, modern condo units for rent.  Weather is gorgeous here and we looking forward to exploring Ephesus tomorrow with our rented car.