Hi everyone, my first publication on zapread I just discovered thanks to a friend who just told me about it. 

I'm used to sites like steemit.com or publish0x.com but I like to discover new things. In particular, I study the impact that links published on such platforms have on SEO. I noticed that the SEO of my blog was greatly improved thanks to the links on Steemit.com or Publish0X.com

Here I see that the SEO of the site is quite limited but I don't know the age of the site and I think that the more content there is, the better the score of the site will be. I am therefore tempted to contribute to the evolution of the platform so that I can benefit from it later on. 

I have no idea where I am, so if you have any crucial information to share with me so that I can better understand this ecosystem I am a buyer. 

See you soon.