Well, the original plan was to use today to travel to Aspendos to see the amphitheatre.  However, the “rain, at times heavy” changed our minds.  Needing to be inside for at least part of the day, we struck out for the Antalya Museum - on foot, in the rain.  It was fairly warm so not a bad hike but we were more than a little damp by the time we reached the museum.

The Antalya Museum is - well, sort of a local little museum that tells the history of this little chunk of Turkey.  But the history from this little chunk of Turkey is pretty extensive and the bits and pieces left lying around are pretty impressive!!

This is actually a really, really excellent museum.  “The modern province of Antalya includes dozens of important ancient Hellenic, Hellenistic and Roman cities and towns and the best artifacts from most of them have been brought here to form the museum’s outstanding collection. The museum’s treasure of artifacts ranges from the Old Stone Age through the Chalcolithic, Classical, Byzantine, Seljuk Turkish and ottoman, in short, the full length of Anatolia’s incredibly long history.”   And on top of that, they have the most amazing coin collection: thousands of coins from as early as 500 BC. 

And on top of that, everything is beautifully displayed (like our friend Hercules above) and includes excellent text panels.  This is a must-see for anyone in the area.   We’ll have to read up on Aspendos, as well as Perge, Side, and the other impressive archaeological sites that are close to Antalya.  

The afternoon (no rain and a bit of sunshine) was spent exploring the old part of the city, Hadrian’s Gate, fluted minorette and the marina.  Nice to see the tropical plants: plumeria, poinsettia, datura tree, coconuts, date palms, fig trees, fiscus and my personal favourite: bougainvillea! It felt like we were in Hawaii again! 

We liked Antalya.  Much different feel to it than Istanbul. Not as exotic but very Mediterranean.