We wandered around the old town bazaar area  in Konya for the morning.  You can buy everything from tourist trinkets to chainsaws, tableclothes to lawnmowers.  Interesting place to wander!  A friendly Turkish man stopped to chat and gave us quite a bit of info about Konya.  Most people visit as a pilgrimage to Rumi’s mausoleum. Next would be for the archaeological sites - such as Chata hoyuk - spelled wrong of course! And apparently the largest industry in the area is processing sugar from sugar beets grown in the area. And they sure love their sweets in Turkey!

We caught our bus at 1:30 (Kamil koc) and were surprised to see the same girl (Carolina) that we met in Goreme and again on the bus to Konya.  She was on the same bus as us, going to Antalya.  

Quite a change in scenery over the course of the 5-hour trip.  We started in the arid Konya plain before going over some fairly rough looking mountain terrain. Coming down the south slopes, the land became more treed and greener until, on the plains along the coast, the landscape became quite tropical. First impressions of Antalya are that it is quite different from Istanbul.  More “western” with more clothing stores, neon signs, malls, etc.

Coming into Antalya you can see greenhouse after greenhouse after greenhouse.  Apparently the Antalya greenhouse industry produces about 80% of the tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, eggplant, beans, etc. used by the country.  And bananas!  Population about 2.4 million.