Boletus chrysenteron - Hat with a diameter of 30 to 100 mm, initially arched, dark-brown, with olive and reddish coating, dull, velvety, more or less suede, then squattering to the spread, often in older specimens, in a dry period, cracked into small plots, separated from each other by clear bright, sometimes pinkish features, with translucent whitish or reddish flesh. The shore of the hat is sometimes reddish.

Tubes cream-yellow, in mature specimens greenish, later olive (quite dark), on the cross-section dirty-greening.

Pipe-colored tubes, uneven, angular.

Stem height 40 to 80 mm, 10 to 20 mm thick, under the hat yellow, lower ocher, red spotted, brown-red (also in the middle), even, smooth, in older specimens violet-red, grain.

Flesh first hard, quickly softening, cream-colored, yellow, creamy-pink under the skin, after cutting slightly blue and then red. Taste slightly acidic, weak, odor indistinct. The fruiting body is quickly decomposed, often already in the litter it is infected with white mold.

Occurrence: On the ground, in groups, in different forests, but more often in deciduous, summer and autumn. Very common.

Value: Mushroom of medium quality, not very durable