Boletus pinophilus - A hat in diameter from 60 to 300 mm, chestnut brown, dark red brown, dark brown, pale brown-purple, wine red, less often but also shiny red; young hemispherical, later convex, very regular, thick-grained; matt surface wrinkled, viscous during rain; sharp edge with protruding tubes.

Tubes pale, then greenish-yellow, easily separating, long.

Leeks are whitish, olive-yellow, creamy, yellow-brown.

Stem initially whitish, pale brown to dark brown (sometimes red-brown); reticulated, white mesh, at the base of the stipe red-brown; shaggy to cervical; base with white mycelium.

White flesh, sometimes with a faint yellow tinge, under the skin of a reddish hat; compact to spongy, after intersection does not change color. A nice taste. Smell pleasant, slightly spicy.

Occurrence: From May to August in coniferous forests, especially under pines, less often in leafy forests; on acidic soils, sandy; rare.

Value: A very tasty edible mushroom.