A crypto experiment. 

I believed that in order to know more you need to test or do experiment to make sense of the world we live in, because of that I propose a cryptocurrency experiment to see if cryptos will hold to expectations. This experiment will cost you nothing besides your time, the only thing you will spend is your time, if you don't want to participate please move on in this experiment nothing is for sure nor we have all the answer at his moment and I don't think we will find all of the answers either. 

Bitcoin started in 2009 back in those days you could find a single bitcoin for one penny, move forward ten years and now that coin is worth around nine thousand dollars apiece, the promise is that with the passing of time bitcoin will get more expensive meaning it will appreciate in price, some say that only a few coins will survive or that only Bitcoin will be kind at the end of the day, well let's put that to the test and try to gain the future today. 

Back in 2012 you could get free Bitcoins from faucets those faucets still exist today and are giving away free satoshis (fractions of bitcoins) but those satoshis are worth something in exchanges you can change those satoshis into whole new altcoins, for my experiment let choose BitcoinZ why btcz because the supply is limited to 21 billion and is not a staking coin meaning supply could be reach, making scarcity a weapon or so we think. if you subscribe to coinpot faucet they will give around 100 satoshis every day or more it depends on how many times you claim, you can claim every 5 minutes. 

The experiment will be for you to subscribe to coinpot and visit the faucets moonlitecoinmoonbitcoinmoonbitcoincashmoondashmoondogebitfun and bonusbitocoin, all together will be put into coinpot than you will exchange inside the website to the coin with the lowest transaction fees, so that you can send those fund to where Bitocinz can be exchange. 

With this experiment you will learn how to claim the faucets and exchange the rewards for other coins, learn about transaction fees and why they need to be cheap, and also learn to exchange your fund into exchanges, once you exchange to btcz send those funds to your personal wallet. Btcz has a mobile wallet and coinomi I recommend coinomi. 

When setting your wallet don't forget to take your seed words and put them in a safe place where no one can see them, and also a place where you can get them. 

At this point the experiment will not cost you anything in monetary value but you will lose your time claiming the rewards from faucets and subscribing to the exchanges, this will take about 15 minutes every day, you could do it with any other coin that is in low value so the your rewards from faucets can last you longer. 


If adoption can make price go up than this experiment will make this coin increase in value much faster, and if coins are in a lot of hands instead of only a few whales than that could also make the price go even higher, a lot of people say bitcoin will go up in price because the supply is limited, bitcoinz has a limited supply as well only 1000x more. In other words, if you hold 1000 btcz is like having only one bitcoin in terms of supply not actual coin monetary value. 

So if everyone start claiming their faucets reward at current price of btcz and the current reward in satoshis that coinpot is giving you can make easy at least 2000 satoshis every week, that will be enough so it will be like you having 1 bitcoin but instead you have 1000 btcz and only cost you 2000 satoshis that you will get for free from the faucets.  


If one million people do this that means that around 1 billion coins will be in the hand of one million people, if crypto currency is the future, 1 million hands holding each 1000 coins will have to make some change in the crypto market. 


It can also happen that the faucet closes door because the amount of users and the advertiser are not getting enough funds to the faucet operator, remember you will be only visiting such websites to get your free satoshis to later exchange them for bitcoinz, this could put faucets out of business, but it could also help them because more eyes will be visiting their sites. 

The idea is that at least 1 million people around the world own at least 1000 btcz all for free and who knows maybe this could be the next bitcoin because this will signal adoption as well, but we will never know if we never try. 


I will leave my coinpot referrals link so that you can subscribe and will also leave my Bitcoinz wallet address so that you can see how many coins I am collecting; this experiment will be started by a single soul that has a lot of curiosity, would you help me please? 


The coins collected in this address will be only from funds collected from the faucets, so that you can track how often and how many coins I can collect by just claiming the free faucets, please don't donate any coins to this address because I just want to see how many coins I can collect from faucets alone. I hope you follow me in my experiment, I am not trying to scam you or anything just a soul with lots of curiosity inside. 

This experiment can help us determine if scarcity is really a factor in price. 

if enough people own the coin this could drive adoption and if price will follow 

if people have more than what they should have meaning each human being should have only 3 instead of 1000. What reaction could be seen in the market. 

if crypto can be use as currency once enough people have it. 

if will the price will continue to increase once mass adoption is on site. 

This experiment could help humankind resolve a lot of questions about cryptos. 

Even help determinate if people are interested enough in cryptos. 


Why the funds have to be from a free faucet? Because that way we can determine that if enough people buy it and if coins are spread amount lots of users to see what the market reaction is, this experiment will begin with pretty much zero dollars but numbers is what matters here, that is why it is import that you join me and start collecting free sats and selling those sats in exchanges, if something like this have an effect that means something but we will only know once the experiment is adopted for more than or at least 100k people. 


The more people participate the faster results could be seen, at first I will start this experiment alone you can track how many coins I collect from the free faucets and you can decide to join me, the more people the better either we see surprises or the faucets go out of business. I am choosing Bitcoinz because price is very low around 2 sats so the rewards from faucets will get you more coins. and because the limited supply. 



BitcoinZ explorer. 



Collect your reward  



















 You could also do this with bitcoin but to collect at least 0.003 you will need around $30, so it is much easier with Bitcoinz because of prices and it won't be free if this experiment was to be made with Bitcoin.