What camera to take on your holiday?

Another case where decisions and research come into play.  Consider:

1.     Bulk. Obviously, your phone is the smallest option. But if you use a “real” camera, you also have a range of sizes to choose from. Extra lenses or gizmos? A tripod? How much do you want to carry? And do you want a single electronic device for texts, calls, photos, games, music, apps etc.?

2.     Type and quantity of photos you take. Do you take mostly selfies, pictures of your friends, architecture, flower close ups, panoramic scenes? Do you take a lot of videos?

3.     Battery life. While phone batteries are getting better, a camera battery will still last significantly longer. Can you charge your phone when you need to?

4.     What you do with them when you get home? Do you love flashing your pictures to your co-workers? Do you invite everyone you know over for an entire evening devoted to your travel photos? Do you select a few good ones for an album? Do you spend hours with PhotoShop, editing every photo?

No wrong or right answers! 

My answers:

1. I don’t mind a bit of bulk but not a lot. I don’t want to carry extra lenses, filters, etc.

2. I like being in some pictures but I love zooming in for a shot of the highest gargoyle AND lying on my stomach to get the best close-up flower photo.

3. I am not always in a spot where I can charge my phone, even on a daily basis.

4. Photography is a hobby for me and I do love editing, cropping and tweaking a lot of my pictures when I get home. My solution was a camera that zooms decently,

My solution was a Panasonic Lumix: a one-piece camera (no added lenses etc.) that has a decent zoom and takes great macro shots. Not a “point and shoot” but one that allows me aperture and/or shutter control. Battery life is good, weight is not terrible.  I felt this was a fair compromise.

Suggestion: If you plan to take only your phone, take a few pictures of your neighbourhood: the kind of shots you might take on vacation. Are you happy with the quality? If you plan to take a camera body and a selection of lenses, a tripod and other miscellaneous “stuff,” try carrying it with you the next time you go grocery shopping. Are you OK with the weight and bulk.