Brave Enables BAT Earning In Over Twenty New Countries

Big news for Brave fans everywhere as they announce the enabling of ad viewing in twenty-two new countries listed below in the latest update to the popular privacy focused browser:

Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Venezuela, Austria, Brazil, Switzerland, Denmark, Israel, India, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Singapore, and South Africa.

This means no more of the patience testing "Coming Soon" icon on the Rewards page for residents in these countries. They can immediately enable Rewards and start earning 70% of Brave's advertising revenue in the form of the browser's native Basic Attention Token by opting into ad viewing on both desktop and Android versions of the browser. Ads for IOS is still in development. Congrats to the team on this major accomplishment.


In addition to continued rollout to other countries, the next major phase for Brave will be enabling a new non-click through ad model where ads are published directly on the websites of publishers who've signed on to this more traditional approach. But in this case, the ratio of ad revenue sharing is quite reversed, with Brave users splitting the 30% share with Brave the company, while the website publishers reap the remaining 70%. 

All this news comes amidst increased worldwide usage of the Brave browser, now with over 8 million monthly users and over 2 million daily users. 

If you're already using Brave and are in one of these countries you can make sure you're updated to the latest browser version by clicking the "Hamburger button" (three lines in the upper right) and scrolling down to 'About Brave.' If you're not yet using Brave, you can download it here. They've made it very easy to import your bookmarks and most extensions you're used to using on Chrome and Firefox can be enabled as well. The browser is also known to reduce data and battery consumption on mobile devices as it does not use energy and data consuming tracking scripts.