If we divided Bitcoin total supply by the amount of humans today each human being should have 0.003.

What is the best way to hold such amount?

Well each human should have at least that much in a Lightning Network node starting today, because today you can actually open a channel for less than $0.05 there it will be a time when you will need $100 to open a channel because the fees will be much higher and people will be willing to paid it because Bitcoin will be much much higher in value.

Not only that if you hold your fair share in Lightning, how cool is that? You already own your fair share and you have it in Lightning just waiting for the moment 1 satoshi is a lot more expensive than today. Imagine yourself in the future price is $1m dollars and someone wants to buy $50 worth of it but fees are $50 for on-chain tx which is 0.00005 he/she is trying to test Bitcoin for the first time. By that time LN is fully functional you just send that person 5000k sats. You just paid off your entire investment when you bought Bitcoin in 2019, and you still have around 600k sats to go. And you don't have to worry about fees because you opened your channel way long time ago when it was pennies for sending Bitcoin.

Bitcoin on-chain fees will increase and that is fine because people will see that btc is better money and by that time you won't be taking entire Bitcoin, your $50 investment today in Lightning Network will be worth $6000k and people will paid $50 to open channels.

At that time segwit will be 95% implemented.

And that is not all, those people buying 0.006 for $6k and paying $50 to open channels will be paying that happily because they will realize Bitcoin is going to $100m and that $6k will grow to $600k.

If you are poor today in any nation today, help yourself put together at least $30, buy yourself 0.00301000, pay the minimum fee of 1 sat/k and open a channel to a community node like zapread or a custodian wallet like WoS ( wallet of satoshi will be around for a long time) or to ACINQ node which created Eclair mobile ( I recommend that app, read my review).

You sure can risk $30 for a chance to change your current situation in the future or just leave on-chain, but people need to understand you need to make yourselves a favor and hold at least that much. Because the risk is worth it.

I can already see it, people will start to say satoshi instead of Bitcoin, Lightning Network will make one satoshi as powerful as 1 Bitcoin today, the expensive  Bitcoin gets the less you will be able to buy, at some point people will say I can buy 3 thousand satoshi instead of zero point zero zero zero zero three Bitcoin. That's when you will know Satoshi has conquer the world.

1 satoshi to the moon.