You may think that I am wacko and that my price prediction is totally mad and that it will never happen but I do believe it's possible for this asset to reach 100 millions dollars, but not as the numbers in paper but in actually buying power, but I am trying to say is that Bitcoin  will be worth in the future what you can buy today for 100 millions dollars, so that you get it that mansion that your favorite artist bought for 100 million dollars today will be only worth 1 bitcoin in the future. 

If the dollar managed to retain its current value by the time Bitcoin reaches 100 millions that will be a total miracle because the way the economy works the real economy not the ponzi scheme economy by the time Bitcoin reaches 100 thousands the dollar will be feeling the hit and so many others will be just burning like Venezuela pesos are doing just now.

It doesn't take rocket science to explain why Bitcoin will be 100m dollars or its equivalent in buying power soon and when I say soon I mean within the next 30 years or so, but let me explain you the reasons why.

On Earth the resources are limited, meaning you can only have so much fresh water, so much, land, so much natural resources meaning at some point resources get scarce and price for such resources go up, but a monetary system that works contrary to that will only end up with hyper inflation or wort, you can't price fresh water you can't print any natural resources mind you that we need those to live, so our current monetary system is with odds with our current planet resources.

The fact that governments print money only means prices will raise while your wages keep on going down if you are lucky enough to have a job in the first place, not to mention human corruption when it comes to banking.

Bitcoin solves the scarcery part because Bitcoin is scarce by nature just as our mother Earth, and you can't print more Bitcoins, you can copy Bitcoin software but the software that is Bitcoin is what the consensus of holders say it is, so scarce is build in with in Bitcoin, and that is why max say Bitcoin will be the only one, in a way they are right but not totally, another project may coexist with Bitcoin but it will have to do something different, something that Bitcoin is not and even at that I doubt it because along the way Bitcoin software will be updated and whatever advantage another project had I am sure Bitcoin could have as well, in the meantime Bitcoin is trying to do its primary function be money as fast as possible with scalability.

Lightning Network will help along the way  to be better money, today using Bitcoin Lightning Network you can send 1 satoshi and a lot of nodes will not charge you for sending such small amount, because Bitcoin is divisible to such small amount you can put a value of $1 to each satoshi and it will work because you can actually send it and receive it.

So Bitcoin is now capable of transacting in its small denomination and price will get there because Bitcoin is just better money, it is hard to see right now or to even imagine such prices but you just wait once the next block halving comers around people will realised how scarce Bitcoin actually is, pressure by central banks devaluaring money, another advantage is that they can put you in jail for using Bitcoin but if you  don't give your password away no government can't take your money away.

You may think that whales control the price of Bitcoin well they do right now but little by little whales will be alive alive by the small fish, whales sell large amounts to scare you into selling but when people decided to buy all of the selling orders than the whale can't buy back it original amount does a whale become a small fish. You don't even need to hold a whole Bitcoin if you just put $1000 dollars today you can easily buy 0.10 btc so if such scenario play out you will be have $10 million dollars, I think you can lose those $1000 in a old car that you crash tomorrow, but since you never know the future, what bad idea is it there to just put some money away and wait? Hold and wait and if it doesn't happen, you just lost $1000 but the benefits could be much greater, in my eyes the possible rewards outpace the risks.