In Eclair mobile if I send payments within the same node the fees are zero, but if I send from my channel to cobo wallet the fee out of 10k sats will 90 sats, but if I open a channel to cobo node the fee will zero as well.

So the only way to paid zero fee with Eclair mobile will be to open a channel directly, if u route payments with Eclair mobile the fees are about .9% or so, but at least at the moment I only need to have two channels one with zapread and another one with cobo. I don't need to make any other payments.

So if you want to use Lightning Network as a regular user I would recommend Eclair mobile, but only with the following conditions:

That you connect directly to the node you are going to use, for example if you are going to send payments to wallet of satoshi node or any person connected to that node that you connect directly, that if you are going to use zapread forum or plan on adding funds to your website wallet that create again a direct channel.

This may look like, why would you connect directly in the first place but the truth is Eclair mobile is still being develop and in the future the routing fees will be fix they are working on it to improve user experience.

Now I would tell you that the best option for paying lower fees is to have a full node, or to run zap wallet but in the computer. In other words lower fees only on computers or those raspberry pi full nodes.

In mobile the compromise at the moment is that if you want zero fees it has to be a channel connected directly to who you wish to pay or pay high fees.

In Bitcoin Lightning wallet even if you are connected directly the fee still is 0.25% in Eclair mobile if you route payments you should expect a fee of around 0.9% but if you connect directly the fees will be zero.

So I would say for mobile users the best option will be Eclair at least in my opinion.

I will tried to write to the developers of Eclair mobile and ask them, why is it that their app allows for such high fees? That next week.

Thanks you for reading.

With this I will stop for now my experience on Lightning Network wallets because at the moment I have created the two channels I will be needing and for now Eclair will do just fine for what I plan to do in LN. Which is to receive Lightning Network micro payments on the go for free or with small fee. With my Eclair setup I will be sending and receiving feeless micro payments to the parties with who I which to participate, I hope my experience has help you in your way to know Lightning Network.

But if you have any other suggestions please tell me I may try it

Found out the edit option.

It look like in Eclair mobile you can get away with paying far less fees but you need to turn off fee protection.

The thing with fee protection in Eclair is that if you payments jump with in a lot of nodes you may end up paying even more, but if you leave it on Eclair will route your payment by percentage. The thing is if enable protection I would had paid around 100 sats but without only around 1. So leave that off but remember that if you leave that off there is a chance of you paying a higher fee, I believe it depends on what nodes you are connected or something.

But I did manage to paid less with that off.

So Eclair mobile is the lighting network app to use for receiving and sending payments on the go.