A full node the easiest way to do it in my opinion is by using a windows computer, specially if you are not that savvy when I comes to Windows or computers.

You can use Eclair for windows and also run LND which is a command line and on top of that zap wallet as a gui interface.

It is not 100% easy but is the most easier specially compare to a linux node.

With eclair you only need to have java installed and run the jar file and have a full bitcoin node. eclair in windows uses a very friendly gui, you will have to take into the equation the fact that is not too easy but if you are willing to learn you can do it.

Zap in the other hand can run as a light client meaning you don't route any payments and your channels will be private as well as your node, but if you run LND and on top zap, zap will be your GUI easy access and everything will run under LND.

LND uses command line it seems intimidating at first but once you read the guides that are online pretty soon you will notices that is not that hard.

Remember that in both option you will need to also open port in your router or you will have to call your service provider if you can't open your port from your home router, this is very important if you want others to connect to your own and so you can became a full node, the opening of port will be a must for public  nodes.

If you route your channels with Tor you won't need to open any ports but in a way your channels and node will be sort of private, that is so far my experience when it comes to full nodes.

Now if you are a savvy users you can go ahead and use linux to create your own Lightning Network node, but let me tell you it will be fun.

I find it really fun to run full nodes unfortunately right now I can't run my very own full node, so personally I will be using a lot my mobile and private nodes with private channels, will be what I am going  to use, with lighting I don't need to run a full node, most users will not need to run a full node pretty much a lot of users will need only to send and receive funds without routing, for that I will take the time for you to find the perfect application to run just that I will share my findings in this forum, thank you for reading my post, see you again in my next experience with Lighting Network.