Hello everyone, I am like many of those who make life on this platform, a crypto enthusiasts, I knew the bitcoin by those stories from the deep web, so I wanted to try to find some fraction of it, I set out to read to learn what it was, after spending a couple of months trying to understand what the hell I wanted to get into, I realized that I do not need to enter the deep web or anything like that, I just needed to create a wallet, and that even playing could make me of fractions of bitcoin, I speak of 2014, at that time there were games like FarmSatoshi, BotsFighter, CannonSatoshi, SatoshiGalaxy, CoinBrawl, were games some very funny others not so much, to reach certain levels you got good income.

Besides that there were platforms like Zappchain, I loved that place, I had to make good comments and the best 3 or 5 were awarded, I had to access through an account in Coinbase, I saw many great people in this cryptographic world there, it was amazing you felt in the right place, unfortunately I do not know what happened with that platform, could not get funding and at the time was full of spam and great people walked away. Bitsfortips, it was a great place, I made little life there, after a few months they stopped monetizing Venezuelans, I don't remember why exactly it was, but from there more, to Taringa!, they started to give bits (10 bits maximum) per account, the things that happened there were amazing, I think I became a half mafia, breaking the system, from the creation of multi-accounts, getting to have up to 100 accounts, and looking for how to exchange votes, and accumulate fractions of BTC.

I remember, that my first sale of bitcoin, was in December 2015 were 0.16 BTC and at that time were like 80 USD, it was exciting, convert that future digital money by fiat, buy clothes to dress me that year, thanks to the BTC, and also to my parents, they did not leave the astonishment and me of the joy.
At that time it was the madman who did not stop talking about the amazing bitcoin, blockchain, and from there do not stop talking about this.

After that December 2014, my experience with other wallets, such as Cryptonator, blockchain, Coinbase, Xapo, was added Coinwallet, I was a fan of faucets, then worth it, I also liked to accumulate altcoins, I remember having an absurd amount of altcoins, which to date is a considerable amount of money, I would say more than 10.000 USD, it turns out that they were hacked, and they delivered the private keys of the accounts, guess who even in 2019 can not find his key? If I don't remember where I saved that file, and an astonishing amount of altcoins were lost, that to date are well valued some, others I imagine that they changed their name, as a step with dash, others died.

All those who start that world, have to have a history of how they lost $ by forgetting those small details.  With time, I entered social media platform based in blockchain as Steemit, there again I felt like in Zappchain amazing people, where I monetized content and quantities were absurd, I spent 3 months analyzing how the hell to notice me, improving my drawing skills, I got to a decent level, an example of that is the following drawing: 

After that, already 3 years have passed, in which Steemit, has left me great experiences, from giving 2 talks in a university, faculty of economy of the LUZ, the first one was informal, but in front of all the professors, administrative personnel and deans, just when I thought that I would not return to give an exhibition in front of a professor, I speak in front of 24 people, with highly qualified profiles, many formed in other countries, and I a simple graduate of engineer in industrial instrumentation, but passionate of the cryptos.

Another exciting thing, attend meetups, because in Steemit was part of the community that supports Spanish speakers and had the role of moderator, and by my way of being with people, more than anything because I used to give advice, recommendations on how to guide the content of people, in addition to explaining since it was a cryptocurrency, how to change it to fiat, how the blockchain works, and so hundreds and hundreds of explanations, I really enjoyed that time, in the meetups the people when they knew me in person, it was gratifying to see the joy of them when they met me, and well the same for them, it was amazing to meet other people who begin to understand the blockchain, some very well versed to express themselves in public.
After Steemit, I went to other platforms like Scorum, Narrative, Publish0x, Hypespace, Golos, Whaleshares, Trybe.one, flote.app, Whaleshares, Smoke, Bearshares, Weku, Ultrum, Masmic, Cent, Typestryc, Beta-sapient, Yours, Memocash, Mind, and so on a long list of social media based on blockchain.

Forget the part where I'm part of 0xdark as a community manager (a token and an exchange), curator of Curangel content, inner-block in Steemit.

That has been all my journey, I tried to learn to program but I could never do it, someday I will be in better economic conditions to be able to dedicate my time to it, and do something in the blockchain, has been my dream since I met him.

I hope to continue tracing experiences, in the crypto world, I'm a fan of games based on blockchain and social media.

That's why my content is oriented in Reviews on Platforms based on blockchain, and crypto games.