Users now can have bc1 address in their ledger nano s and x. No more electrum, now it can be done with in ledger live.

This is good news for everyone.

Native Segwit, 32 bench, or bc1.

This means more users can choose native segwit so that fees are lower.

If I am not wrong bc1 address will be the first in scalability, I think segwit is 4mb blocks but you can still fit those 4mb into 1mb block for legacy Bitcoin. So we just need miners to mine 4mb segwit blocks, if I am wrong in the size of current segwit consensus.

I wonder what will happen when the first exchange open their first Lightning node.

As right now you could connect to cobo wallet public node and zapread to send funds from your zapread to cobo wallet, convert some Satoshis into something else.

Be Ware that cobo wallet does requires to fully kyc yourself, but with zapread ln node, cobo node you could experience what the future will be when exchanges start using LN nodes because cobo once you kyc yourself you can use the app to exchange assets.

You can install wallet of satoshi, blue wallet and the wallet in this forum to experience LN.

You could also use Bitcoin lighting on Android to have your very own node but you won't route any payments also eclair mobile.

Or just install lnd and run zap wallet on top of it for better gui in Windows, you need to download the whole blockchain and run lnd 24/7. Lnd is not that hard even if lnd is command line.

We need a gui LND to run LN nodes much easier.