What is the goal of obfuscation? It's not making the code hard to understand, it's making the reverse-engineer give up.
One example is the M/o/Vfuscator2 which compiles C code to mov instructions only. But Chris Domas has more ideas.
Drawing pictures in the control flow graph for example. You see, it get's interesting. 


"Your precious 0-day? That meticulously crafted exploit? The perfect foothold? At some point, they'll be captured, dissected, and put on display. Reverse engineers. When they begin snooping through your hard work, it pays to have planned out your defense ahead of time. You can take the traditional defensive route - encryption, obfuscation, anti-debugging - or you can go on the offense, and attack the heart and soul of anyone who dare look at your perfect code. With some carefully crafted assembly, we'll show how to break down a reverse engineer by sending them misleading, intimidating, and demoralizing messages through the control flow graphs of their favorite RE tools - turning their beloved IDA (Hopper, BinNavi, Radare, etc) into unwitting weapons for devastating psychological warfare in reverse engineering."