Hello Everyone!

The achievements functions have now been deployed on ZapRead!

I'll be working through adding achievements (some are automatic, some are manually granted by admin).  I'll have more information about these achievements in posts over time as I add them.

If you view a user page (or your Manage Page), you will see your achievements listed:

You can hover over the icon to get information about the achievement (sorry mobile users - I will implement a touch interaction soon)

At the time of this post, the following achievements are "live":

  • First Post (automatic)
  • First Following (automatic)
  • First Followed (automatic)
  • Developer (manual)
  • Bug Finder (manual)

This is just the start.  I'll be adding more over time.

Each achievement may have a "value" associated to it which I'm not using yet.  In the future, I may include some kind of financial bonus to earning new achievements.  Possibly offer the choice to "cash in" achievements for either BTC or for Reputation.

Also to come will be email notifications when you earn a new achievement.

let me know what you think in the comments.