Thought is the thing that is faster than the speed of light, not the process of feeling between your body parts and your brain but the actual thought, in a way the creative way that humans or any other being that can imagine and create ideas.

Thought is not exclusive only of humans but of any creature with awareness and consciousness.

It doesn't violates any current law of fisic, but it does affect it.

You can imagine yourself from Earth to Mars either with a vehicle or without it but the speed for you to get there is instant, light will take some time. Same for any space and time.

Now you may say that is only imagination that is fine because if you imagine yourself from Earth to Mars but you have never been there that is creative thinking, but let say you know Los Angeles city and San Fernando city that is not imagination you know both places and in thought you can be at both almost simultaneously because in thought you can transport instantly from point A to B.

It has been proven that the observer does influence the results of the experiment.

That can only mean that thought is in a way a force not just the near fact of human inguinity. I forgot what experiment of fisic is call but the observer does affect the results specially in the quantum space or something like that.

Thought as purely speed doesn't violates any theory, it only starts to change the moment the observer decides to change it, in other words you can travel faster than the speed of light from Earth to Mars faster than any other speed in a instant without violating Einstein theory unless the observer decides to change the experiment from purely traveling to imagining it.