I am withdrawing the satoshis that I earn here in zapread and I send it to my custodian wallets.

I have been using Wallet of Satoshi, bluewallet and lately Cobo wallet.

Since I had to kyc with Cobo by force I decided to sent my few satoshis to the LN wallet of Cobo, now they know who I am because of kyc and now they will know how much money I have from where I get it to where I send it, everything.

Now that I kyc myself all cobo services will work just fine until they decided to take my money. 

Unfortunately the only way to use LN it is with centralized services otherwise you will have to fund your own channels first in other to receive. LN on your own mean you have to have money first to receive money. But if I have money I have to leave empty my side channel. LN in my own means I have to put money first, sent it back to chain, paid that fee than I can receive as much as I had before. Or just use centralized services which is the easiest fastest way to get LN.

Gone are the days of cheap tx fees, unless you move your money to other altcoins.