Some crypto users are starting to think that Blockstream version of Bitcoin is a hostile takeover of governments and institutional interest. Since the block size dilemma a lot of versions of Bitcoin have spin off, 3 being in the top ten. The fact is current hardware on normal house computers and internet connection can actually host the Bitcoin blocks with no issues at least up to 128mb for block for the next 10 years and you will only spend around $2000 for a full node in computer hardware and that is at full capacity meaning that with a $2000 desktop computer with at least 6 hdd with 12 tb each and a 100mbps connection you can actually run a full Bitcoin node. In other words the Bitcoin Cash team is right you can actually scale on chain for the next 10 years, so Blockstream is lying and yet we still using 1mb blocks 4mb segwit for the sake of future Blockstream profits.

They lie about the centralization because of large blocks and cracks are showing up little by little about their real intentions. That they are trying to profit from transactions fees. They openly accepted that.

Yet even when blockstream is trying to get miners profits they are still mining Bitcoin btc because they want to get those higher fees. In other words Blockstream is selling the rope to btc miners with which blockstream will hang the miners up.

So it is up to users to find for themselves what Bitcoin actually is. Miners will switch all at once once the fees get to a certain level and no user is willing to paid such fees. The fake chain maybe destroy because tx will get stuck and once miners leave the chain will get stuck for weeks if not months. 

WHAT I AM TRYING TO SAY IS WHATEVER BITCOIN IS TODAY THAT VERSION OF BITCOIN WAS AND IS NOT THE SAME FROM 2009 TO 2015. You may think I am crazy but don't forget something crypto people are not your average citizen, those who got into crypto since 2009 to 2015 have a clear idea of what Bitcoin is and believe if they are not happy with the current version of Bitcoin they will do something about more sooner than later. Remember those that got into Bitcoin from 2009 to 2015 have a certain way of thinking and they understand a lot of things that regular people don't understand nor they care but this old Bitcoin folks do.

I would say that something is brewing in the Bitcoin old community but it is up to you because after all Bitcoin is about you being in charge of your own money and you have to be intellectually capable to understand what Bitcoin is and does. And also be intelligent enough to read between the lines.