Don't use the wallet call Cobo Wallet their service is awful.

When you try to withdraw they approved each withdraw manually and they take hours. Not only that they don't let you withdraw what they announced in the website specially if you don't have KYC, they tell you is less because you need to kyc. For example they only let you withdraw 41 decred a day even when in their website it says you can withdraw up to 2.0 btc. 41 decred is about 0.1 btc. So you have very small limits in withdrawing about $900 worth so I guess that limit is the same with all non kyc costumers. 

It has been over 6 hours and my withdraw request has not been fullfil. I guess I am looking for at least 1 day.

They want you in but not out.

Stay away of Cobo Wallet unless you like to wait when withdrawing and you like to be approved.