There is nothing so blind as all consuming ambition, more so when combined with boundless and unwarranted self-confidence. Boris Johnson's ascension to the Prime Minister's Office is the product of a vote of confidence from less than 100,000 Britons. On that thin basis he says he is determined to take Britain out of the EU on October 31st even without a deal with the EU. The Leave side won the 2016 referendum by a slim margin. It is unknown how many of them intended to leave even if no deal could be reached. The MPs of the party now led by BJ does not support a no-deal Brexit. There is no Parliamentary majority that does support a no-deal Brexit. The Northern Ireland / Irish border will become a frontier of chaos under a no-deal Brexit. The British economy will be pitched into a deep well of uncertainty. British citizens now working in the EU (if any are left) will be in limbo, likely abruptly fired. Likewise any EU citizens working in the UK.

The sudden, un-regulated, re-establishment of a border between Northern Ireland and Ireland has the potential to re-ignite the "Troubles". The violence which plagued Northern Ireland for decades until The Good Friday Accords of 1998 essentially erased the border between the two Irelands. It was possible to do this because both Ireland and the UK were members of the EU.

Boris Johnson has ridden the Brexit issue to the Prime Minister's Office without a thought to the chaos he will unleash if he proceeds with his stated intent. Lives will be lost. Lives will be disrupted. Money will be lost. All because Boris wanted to be Prime Minister and was willing to do anything to achieve it. This foolish little man would be ashamed of himself if he understood the concept. Let's hope his term as Prime Minister ends abruptly  and soon with a non-confidence vote. The election that will follow can then serve as a second referendum on Brexit itself, something the UK desperately needs.