Now that I managed to run Bitcoin Core+LND+Zap wallet, the only thing left to do is to run TOR LN.

With all the government BS it is time to exchange your coins outside exchanges and to also start encrypting all of your files and wallet backups.

You better start deleting or disposing wallets that may have been used in exchanges.

Example if you use Windows encrypting tools and the key was save on Microsoft account you better delete that machine and start a new fresh install, or better move to Linux and encrypted hard drive.

After that to save keys and seeds you need to encrypt those storage devices and if you used a 12 or 24 seed on word you need to encrypt it, after that add it to a rar encrypted folder. So that the key will be protected by 3 passwords. One the device itself, 2 the folder (wat, or a doc file, and 3 the file itself.

If you can find a storage device with native encryption that will be better.

Second put most of your coins in a hardware wallet.

If you want to go mobile use application like eclair mobile or Bitcoin lightning so that you can use both ln and chain in your mobile.

No custodian wallets from now on.

If you want to help the LN grow do it but know the risk the government is coming for your crypto.

If you bought btc on exchange sell it for an altcoin on exchange and send it to a swap site back to Bitcoin. Use no kyc exchanges in the meantime but start thinking how you are going to hide what you have.

Is not that you don't want to paid taxes it is just that eventually once they realize they can't stop it they will try to seize it.

Don't do anything ilegal, moving your money around is not ilegal it is your right because it is your money you can do whatever and whenever you want with it.

The first cry of war has been sung.

But Bitcoin doesn't fired bullets.

So, long live Bitcoin and all decentralized altcoins for that matter. The government wants all money it can't print gone.