Elizabeth Warren is quickly getting into second place behind front runner Joe Biden and past the erstwhile placer, Bernie Sanders. Whether you like her and her policies or not this is a great development for politics. Why? Because Elizabeth Warren is the only candidate talking about what she wants to achieve and how she wants to achieve it in specific terms that voters can consider before deciding to vote for her or not. While most candidates bombard us with a lot of vague objectives or demonize their opponents, Elizabeth Warren has not so quietly gone about explaining the details of her platform to people. Her practice is so rare because the political science campaign strategist types think it is boring and voters do not pay attention to details. I think the strategists have not considered that how the details are packaged makes a huge difference and that Elizabeth Warren's has figured out how to package them. Let's hope this works and catches on for future elections. An informed electorate is better for everyone except those politicians who depend upon ignorance, anger and fear to get them elected. The fewer of those we see running for office the better.