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Using custodial apps for lightning network will end up with you paying higher fees, for receiving into those wallets they will charge you but once you decide to move it out of it that's where they will catch you. So that is the reason of my higher fees.

So far LN is winning my mistake for using LN in that manner.

Now I will see what they charge when you go directly and you only paid for routing fees and not to hold your coins, my mistake there but my experiment is not done just yet.

I will create another post warning users of custodial wallets and their fees so that people stay out of those wallets.

if you want to experiment with custodial wallet try to keep it under 500 satoshis otherwise you will end up paying higher fees even higher than on chain translation.

A photo to prove my point.

Sending from Blue Wallet was the same higher fees.

Between user using the same app the fees are just 1 satoshi the higher fees are when you are trying to get fund out to another app or to another wallet/channel. 

So custodial lightning network is out the question stay out of it.