I am the same person who's channel was punish because a tx was not relay by my wallet. Thanks for returning the funds that time. 

I decided to not used eclair for Windows, zap for Windows or lightning peach for Windows because it seems those apps don't have a watchtower and that is why I got screw last time.
I opened a channel two channels with living room of satoshi lnd1. I almost empty one channel send it back to on chain opened again another channel and that will be my funding channel, meaning that with about 0.011 minus the fees for tx and zigzag swapping fee I can receive and send lightning network payments and I am not having my funds in a custodial account. I still will used wallet of satoshi as a bridge for transacting in LN.
I want to thank you because with your node and wallet I have put in myself into experiencing the LN.

But here is my request to you since you seen to be also developer, we need a Windows app that could have the benefits of wallet of satoshi plus Bitcoin lightning wallet but in a Windows environment so that channels could be publicly advertise.
We need an app for Windows, Android and iOS that does the following.
It can create public and private channels as well as custodial.
It can run a public node on any platform.
And watchtower for every platform.
The community needs an app that does what Wallet of satoshi, Bitcoin lightning wallet, and zap or peach for Windows do, watchtowers all in one single app that works in all the mayor OS.

As you can see I can send and receive funds in lightning network, I don't need to worry about satoshis not reaching my wallet because for 1000 satoshis I can pay tokens so that I can have a online backup and I will not have issues like the one I had before because of the watchtower.

But one thing that I am missing is that I can't route payments because current apps only create private channels.

I will also post this letter on zapread so that maybe the community could start working in a solution that actually works.

I am pretty sure you could do the same with a casa node, running a LND node, but as you can read what I am asking is to put 3 or 4 already created apps into a single one but that is not all of those are GUI wallets meaning it will be easy to use.

Command line lightning network will never fly because people don't or hardly can used a PC. 

I am writing this to you because I hope you can bring this up to people who can actually develop something like this. The software is already here it is just that is fragmented and not put all together that is why I mentioned those apps.