For a while I have been testing LN in the main net, I got some issues but they got resolved, I learned a lot.

I have used Peach lightning, zap wallet and eclair those three in a windows computer. You will need to run a full bitcoin node with eclair, peach and zap will connect to their own nodes meaning you will have to trust them but so far they work, the only problem I found was that LND tx fees are chosen by default meaning you can't customized your fees making the opening of channels a very expensive endeavor.

With Eclair for windows you can choose your fees but you have to run the whole bitcoin  node you need at least 500gb of hard drive for that.

Well I tested it but to tell you the truth I don't see why would I spend my bitcoin today but for testing bitcoin ln in a windows computer was fun. Now comes mobile.

I like to use wallet of satoshi because is really easy you just send your coins to the address they give you and there you have it but this a custodial wallet, so now entering Eclair Mobile. With this wallet the funds are control by you and the fund are in your wallet because you the the 12 word, the password and the PIN, so you have to be responsible for your coins, to me this is the solution so far, I do understand you have to connect to their nodes and servers but you have portability your coins go with you where you go. You can have a lot of coins in your hardware wallet for safe keeping, have 0.01 in your Eclair wallet on a channel and only send what you are going to use in Wallet of Satoshi, that way your fund are not all in one single place.

Since I am a user of the network to me going mobile is a important part of my life, I am not a developer so for people who only which to use LN, Ledger + Eclair Mobile + Wallet of Satoshi could be a good way to adopt LN in the go without spending much money to be part of the movement.

I still like to run the bitcoin node just because I don't have any need to run the node but just for the heck of it.

The other reason I like those 3 wallets (LedgerNano, Eclair, Wallet of Satoshi, zap and peach) is because they are all GUI or really easy to use no command everything is in a graphical way, a lot of people have issues using computers so GUI easy to use apps is the way to go.

Mass adoption.